Travel to Prague is Called Unforgettable
Visiting Prague is to visit one of the most historic and compelling cities in the world.

The Culture and the History of Prague
The music of Mozart, the literature of Kafka, the brewing of beer arguably the best the world has produced.

The People of Prague and the Czech Republic
The people who, in the Middle Ages, created a city larger than Paris or London, and who today make Prague one of the most vibrant on the planet. All of this is captured in the film "My Prague Spring," available on DVD video.


For good reason, tourists from around the world have been traveling to Prague. Guide books and web pages can easily show you where to go.

The statue-lined Charles Bridge, rumored to have been strengthened with mortar and eggs when it was built in the 14th century, is a highlighted sight. Don't miss it, especially at night when the lights of Prague Castle glint off the river, and the tunes of street buskers float in the evening air.

But what of the people who cross the Charles Bridge on their way to work every morning? Who are the Czechs? What is their history? What is their future? Most tourists who visit Prague and the Czech Republic know little of the people who call this historic place their home.

---From the film My Prague Spring, now on DVD video, described in detail on this website.

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A Film by David Mrazek

An award-winning documentary film, My Prague Springis an intimate, wry portrait of a country, and one family, grappling with radical change in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

"Humorous and insightful!"
---New York Expo

I love the pacing."

---George Stoney, Filmmaker
(The Weavers: Wasn't that a Time; The Uprising of '34)