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From Billions to None
The Passenger Pigeon's Flight to Extinction

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The unique passenger pigeon story offers a once-in-generation opportunity in 2014 for a powerful film to dramatize a largely unknown species-extinction event. It can help galvanize a heightened awareness of current human-caused habitat and species decline. It can be a force aiding in savings our species.

Film production is nearly complete, thanks to our early contributors. But important final tasks remain—

These include final post-production; licensing of stock footage and key images; final prodution packaging; errors & omissions insurance; and distribution and satellite uplink fees that will enable us to get on as many public television stations as possible.
Help us raise the remaining amount needed to get us there. A donation of $75 or more will bring you the film DVD with some great extras.

The images and scenes below are among those that will be featured in the "From Billiions to None" film.

RuthvanMuralConstr In 2013, artists in Cincinnati, Ohio completed a six-story mural of artist John Ruthven's painting depicting Martha and her flock.

September 1, 1914—Population Zero
Almost 100 years ago, Martha, the last known passenger pigeon in existence, died in the Cincinnati Zoo. (below) An incredibly abundant species went from billions that filled the skies—to none—in just 50 years. Martha? She's at the Smithsonian now, along with other extinct species.
Why Does Martha Matter?
Why should you care that billions of beautiful birds, perhaps the most abundant bird species in the world, disappeared “overnight?”

Because we did it, and we’re doing it again. This isn't just a story about a certain kind of pigeon; it's about our natural world— now.
Scientists and volunteers at the International Crane Foundation have helped bring back Sandhill cranes from depletion to abundance.

Marine biologist Boris Worm is committed to raising attention to changing ecosystems and the plight of over-hunted shark species.

JoelwithKids Joel Greenberg, author of an acclaimed new book on the bird, brings Martha's important message to yet another group of young people

The Film Recreates the Flocks that Filled the Sky

CGIFlockWith CGI animation our recreation work begins with a single computer wireframe, which is then textured with real feathers and then multiplied to thousands of birds in flight to fill the sky.

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Teachable Moment 
2014 provides a compelling and literal “teachable moment” that can connect the passenger pigeon's fate with how we live today. In 2010, Joel helped start Project Passenger Pigeon (P3), a national organization now numbering over 160 participating institutions, led by The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago.

The film will play a key part in the ambitious P3 campaign that plans to reach schools, universities, museums, nature centers, and more, across the U.S., Canada and the world. One of our video previews is already being used in some classrooms! Help in this film's final distribution stage-- we already have a commitment to air from the Cincinnati PBS station, in the city where the last passenger pigieon died.

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Every contribution will help in this last funding phase to meet the requirements for pubilc television station airings nationwide. Whatever you can do, the time is now, and we thank you.

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